Things Only Mothers Can Do!

Things Only Mothers Can Do!

Mothers are the most valuable asset which no one in the world can replace! We love our mothers for giving us so much love and always cooperating with our tantrums.

MASALAYDAAR thought of paying huge thanks to all the mothers out there on this MOTHER’S DAY! Here are some of the best things she does for us, which we usually aren’t able to thank her for.




They are something even more than a superhero who saves you from every trouble. With the help of her extraordinary super powers, she manages to do infinite tasks a day along with taking care of us and treating us with proper care and love, while doing the dishes. She’s surely the only creature who can do this.

She Knows You Inside Out: 

No matter how we are feeling or what we are going through, she always comes in and gives a bear hug which makes everything better. Lying to her won’t work because she knows what’s wrong, she  always does! Because


She Would Starve to Feed You:

Did you do your lunch? What did you have for dinner? Would you like to eat something with tea? Yeap, only one person, a bag full of love can worry about it. If she’s offered  to eat something and you’re not around she’d keep it for you no matter how hungry she is! Her love for you beats everything in the world!


She Saves You Everytime:

Mothers are a secret crime partner who helps you have fun all you want but as soon as you get in trouble she takes you out of it. Not just that, she supports you in every matter of life and help you party as much as you want to. Because she just cant say ‘No’ to you.

The Best Guidance in the world! 

Mothers are the only person who can’t be fake or cheat you. They guide you in all matters of your life no matter what ad her suggestions are always the best. She just knows what’s going to work out and how everything should be. And the best part is, she never make excuses to help you.

And If She Comes to Know Someone Messed With You? 

Did someone put you in trouble and your mom got to know about it? He’s in serious trouble, I tell you! Nothing on earth can save them from your mom because she can’t see you crying. She would kill the world to see you happy.

So let’s just put your phones, office work or what so ever aside and give your mother a bear hug because she deserves it and because it’s her day!


2 comments on “Things Only Mothers Can Do!
  1. Zoozoo says:

    Very well written, I can totally relate 😀

  2. Zoozoo says:

    Very well written, I can totally relate

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