How do You Know She’s Your Soul Sister/ Forever Friend!

How do You Know She’s Your Soul Sister/ Forever Friend!

The bond that your forever friend and you have is something that you do not have with any other person in the world. This is how you know that you have a forever friend:

You never get tired of being around her

She is probably the only person in your life that hasn’t begun to bother you for some reason or another, at some point in time. You could spend hours, or days, with her. Even the smallest things you do together are fun because you are with her. No subject is off limits You tell each other everything, and I mean, everything. Thinking about seeing each other over college break.

Most people get jealous of your bond

Almost everyone around you gets jealous of your unbreakable bond with your best friend. You don’t let your person go anywhere alone and help them through every thick and thin. And you both end up doing the craziest things together with extra fun. As they can’t get the friends like you two. Like they say, ‘They hate you because they ain’t you’!

Your family is her family, and her family is yours

It’s not weird for you to be at her house all the time, show up at strange hours, or just decide to spend the night even though you live three houses away. And of course, her family welcomes you in like you are another one of their daughters.

You two have a bizarre sense of humor that only you understand

Whether it is the nights you spend watching random YouTube videos at 2am that make you both laugh so hard you cry or the commercials on TV that are only funny to the both of you, only you guys understand the humor in certain situations.

You have extra powers for handling each others drama

You have probably experienced some of the most embarrassing moments together, and if not together, then you got a vivid story of the event. You have no filter when she is being over-dramatic.

You pick up where you left off.

If you and your forever friend are anything like me and mine, we do not talk every single day. You may only speak once a week, but it will give you the opportunity to catch up and talk like you have talked every single day. There may be quick conversations to see how the other is doing because you know you are saving all of the important stories for when you see each other again. At this point, conversations don’t even start with “hi” anymore, you just jump right to the point and tell her what you need to.

She’s always there for what not!

You really don’t have a choice when she needs to go to the mall. She would do anything to make you smile Even when you are feeling down, your forever friend knows just the right thing to do to make you happy again. Whatever the case is, she will be there for you always. She will say, and do, just about anything that will make everything better. And sometimes she just needs a reminder… That she’s your best friend.

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