ANGEL by Taher Shah, WHAT A HIT!

ANGEL by Taher Shah, WHAT A HIT!

Well, A man with “Sensational Eyes” doesn’t need much of an introduction here. Yes, we are talking about Taher Shah who’s BACK WITH THE BANG! If you haven’t come across his new single, ‘Angel’, no worries. It will soon reach you and will make sure you get chills till the end!
Like ‘Eye to Eye’ this new song has gone viral globally on its own and doesn’t need much publicity. It has been just a few days after it’s release and has received a great criticism such as:





Lets just be optimistic and appreciate the rising talent of Pakistan for so much effort, ignoring all the previous criticism. He tried to make it a better one by working on the fine costumes, detailed hair-dress and showing a perfect angelic family in the lush green garden of ‘ heaven’. This twitter post clearly says it.












He has even worked on the tiny details of his angel wife and son. Their jewelry, hair make-up everything is a perfect combination of a hit song if you ignore the lyrics. And Oh, not to forget the delicate little wand of ‘Mankind’s Angel’.



According to the confident musician, the world is loving the new song but reality is quite the opposite. He has earned fame after all, be it negative or positive. Massive positive energy  from the singer turned out like



Looks like Prestige Award winner 2014, ‘Eye to Eye’ sensation is quite happy with the success. Lets just hope that our arty and super talented ‘Angel’ comes with something that doesn’t blow people’s mind but is actually mind blowing.


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