6 Reasons Why Taher Shah is BETTER than You!

6 Reasons Why Taher Shah is BETTER than You!



Taher Shah is not just an Angel or someone with ‘Sparkling Eyes’, but, he’s one cool person with triumph and so much to make Pakistan proud of. Here are some reasons how he’s way better than you!





6. He owns his own business at the age of 36! 

Yes, he’s not just a singer neither is he a wanderer  but, HE OWNS HIS OWN BUSINESS! Before entering the music industry, he was a professional businessman (founder & Chief Executive of Public Limited Company). This might answer your questions such as ‘who sponsor him?’ Or ”From where does he get the money to make all the fancy videos?”

Taher Shah Biography


5. He has his own personal Website! Do you?

Most of you won’t be aware of it but, this Angel has a website of his own with all his victories and achievements. If you’re looking for the latest photo shoot or lyrics of his songs, his site is the best place to find it. You can visit his beautifully organized website here http://www.tahershah.com/new/

web sight


4. He made his dream come true.

Unlike most of us who he made his dream of becoming a singer come true. Regardless of the criticism, he is doing his work with a super confident attitude of ‘Haters Gonna Hate’! Yeap you can make Taher Shah your new inspiration now!


3. He’s about to launch his own Channel!

 After the new song ‘Angel’, launching his own TV channel is the next thing on his To-Do list! So get ready for a new fun channel on your TV screens.


2. He has been awarded by a Prestige award! 

Taher Shah, a man with ‘Glorious Eyes’ has been awarded with a Prestige Award USA 2014.  After earning fame globally, he won the award for his very first single ‘Eye to Eye’. First Pakistani received Breakaway Daily award for “Pop Sensation Singer” award, Canada. This anchored him in producing a new and better song ‘Angel’.


1. ‘Eye to Eye’ song received 3 World Records. 

The song ‘EYE TO EYE’ has received three World Records up till now the first record is from USA while the second one is from India And The third one is from UK. All of these records are very significant for famous “EYE TO EYE” song.



Along with  decent personality he hasn’t just earned name around the world. But brought fame and good name to Pakistan as well in no time!



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