Dropped Your Phone in WATER? Here’s what you can do!

A wet phone ca be the worst nightmare and a serious problem! This is the time when your brain stops working and you run with a speed of lightening to grab a hair dryer to dry it so your smartphone don’t leave you forever. You dont want your important notes and data ( Images and contacts) to get lost, Right?

Here are some quick fixes Masalaydaar  has brought for you.

1. Take it out of the water immediately

We know, it sounds obvious, but you might think that it’s already too late and not even worth rushing to get it. However, every second matters, and if you’re lucky, you’ll still have a shot at saving your phone.

2. Turn it off

More often than not, your phone will automatically turn itself off when it falls into some water, but if it doesn’t, do not hesitate to turn it off or remove the battery to shut it down instantly. This will protect it from short circuiting.

3. Take out the battery (if possible)

If you have a cell phone that doesn’t let you remove the battery, such as an iPhone, skip this step. But if it’s possible to get the battery out of the phone, do it without hesitation. It will help to prevent the phone from being fried. If you remove it, you’ll cut the energy supply and avoid further damage.

4. Take out the sim and memory cards and all other peripherals.

Remove all covers and plugs that cover the gaps and slots in the phone. Pat your phone dry with a microfiber cloth or a towel (it’s recommended not to use paper because the particles can clog in the gaps of the phone).

5. Put it in a vacuum bag

This way you can extract any water stuck in the slots and the areas difficult to reach. Put the phone in a plastic bag and suck out the air, creating a vacuum effect. It will suck the liquid out of the inner parts of the phone.

6. Put it in a bowl of rice or other absorbent

No, it’s not a myth. Drying the phone with a handkerchief does not allow you to reach inside the phone, and you’re going to need something to absorb the moisture…like uncooked rice. Put the phone and all its parts in a bowl of rice and leave it there for about two days. You can use other alternative materials that absorb water such as cat litter or silica gel sachets (usually found in dry foods, vitamins or new shoe boxes).

7. Turn it on…and keep your fingers crossed

Although technicians warn that the chances of damage to the phone in case of falling in water are high, we at Bright Side are very optimistic and always believe in a positive outcome.

It’s very important to give your phone at least two days to dry and resist the urge to turn it on, because if a tiny water particle remains inside, all your efforts will be useless. Good luck!

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